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National Online Meetings
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Local Online Meetings -District 2 Zoom Account -A-
     Mon 7:00 pm District Business Meeting (2nd Mon each month)
     Count of all Zoom Meetings in greater Burlington: 61
    Count of meetings on District 2 zoom accounts: 8
Saturday ______________________
Sat08:00 amSat Morning MaintenanceD2-A- Group Members: Annie D. & Greg Tol.
     Closed - Limited to limited to persons who have a desire to stop drinking
     Speaker   /   Discussion   /   Step Meeting   /   Wheelchair Accessible
Sat07:00 pmOld Steeple MtgD2-A- Web Committee: John Y
     Open - All are welcome
     Discussion   /   Wheelchair Accessible
Sunday ______________________
Sun11:00 amThe Patient's OpinionD2-A- Group Members: John M. & Greg Tho.
     Open - All are welcome
     Discussion   /   Wheelchair Accessible
Tuesday ______________________
Tue06:30 pmTuesday Night Men's Zoom MtgD2-A- Group Members: Brandon G & Eric B
     Closed - Limited to limited to persons who have a desire to stop drinking
     AA Literature   /   Discussion
Wednesday ______________________
Wed07:00 pmMidtown GroupD2-A- Group Members: Andrew G. & Michael B.
     Open - All are welcome
     Speaker   /   Big Book   /   Discussion
Midtown Group is meeting in person and zoom in a hybrid format.
Hosting or Chairing a Zoom Meeting?
Please review:
District 2 Zoom Security Guide
Zoom Blog: Ensure a Secure Meeting Experience
Are You New to Zoom?
There is not much to it. If you have a computer, smartphone or tablet, simply click on the meeting link to launch the Zoom application.
This will take you to that meeting. It might take a minute for the host to pull you from the waiting room into the meeting.

Once you are in the meeting, there are a few things to know:
The interface on each device type is slightly different but all have the same features
. You can enable or disable your microphone
. You can enable or disable your video
. There is a button to 'raise your hand'
. There is a button to 'clap' or send a 'thumbs up'

The host can also mute participants or remove them from the meeting if someone continues to be disruptive after requests to behave in line with expectations.